About Howtobecomealibrarian.com 

Howtobecomealibrarian.com is designed to educate and, hopefully, prompt readers to seriously consider librarian careers.  Many people in the United States likely do not know what education and experience it takes to become a librarian. The fact that this education and experience differs at various levels, for diverse types of libraries, and for libraries within communities of varying sizes can make understanding the ins and outs of becoming a librarian more difficult. 

The purpose of this site is to enumerate the steps involved in becoming a librarian in varied settings. If you want to become a public librarian or a school librarian, our state pages will explain, in detail, how to accomplish that goal. We also discuss the numerous possibilities in librarianship, from digital archivist to music librarian to data curation expert to researcher, and more.

The assorted levels of degrees possible within library science and library and information science are also examined within these pages. Whether you aim to obtain a bachelor’s degree that may help you get an entry-level job in a library, or if you want to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree to become a full-fledged librarian, the education necessary for each is outlined here.

Everything you could possibly want to know about librarianship is here, including, but not limited to:

  • A guide to librarian careers
  • A listing of librarianship scholarships available nationwide
  • A thorough job description of a librarian
  • Requirements for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in library science, including online programs
  • Ranked listings of the best degree program in library science
  • Detailed step-by-step requirements of how to become a librarian in each state
  • A discussion of librarian salaries nationwide
  • An examination of librarian certification in various states requiring it

Within these pages, you will also find blog articles on topics of interest to librarians and to those studying librarianship or contemplating librarianship as a career.  

These pages will be kept up-to-date as developments in the field of librarianship occur. 

Remember, these pages are meant to be an informational guide to help you make educational and career decisions. This site does not list every educational option available to would-be librarians, nor does it feature all colleges and universities offering library science programs.