How to Become a Librarian in New Hampshire

Recently, it was reported that aNew Hampshire Librarian Education book that had been removed from the Hopkinton Town Library in New Hampshire found its way to Germany. Apparently, the book was discarded by the library and ended up being sold on as a used book. The book, which is entitled “Scream of Eagles: The Creation of Top Gun-and the U.S. Air Victory in Vietnam,” by Robert K. Wilcox, was purchased by a German buyer. That buyer noticed the Hopkinton Town Library stamp inside the book and sent photos of the book to the library along with a message: “Greetings from Germany. I am writing to you because I am surprised how small the world is.”

The New Hampshire State Library was the nation’s first state library, founded in 1717, and is still in existence today. Its mission is to promote excellence in all libraries and library services within the state of New Hampshire, and to serve as a resource for New Hampshirites. The State Library controls the operation of the over 200 public libraries across New Hampshire. 

Of course, there are more types of libraries than just public in New Hampshire. Academic libraries can be found in the state’s colleges and universities. Special libraries, such as law libraries and medical libraries, may be found within institutions. Special collections and archives can be found within museums in the state.

Despite what the reader in Germany wrote to the Hopkinton Town Library, if you become a New Hampshire, you might just discover how big the world really is.

What Does a New Hampshire Librarian Do?

Librarians in New Hampshire have varying job duties depending upon the type of library in which they work. However, some generally agreed upon responsibilities of most New Hampshire librarians are: 

  • Managing library resources
  • Working in the acquisition, access, storage and control of collections
  • Sorting and shelving library materials
  • Retrieving materials from storage
  • Answering library users’ questions and referring them to others if necessary to get answers to their inquiries
  • Processing books, periodicals, newspapers and materials for library users
  • Performing routine computer work on library databases
  • Creating and implementing programs and services for library patrons of all ages
  • Participating in staff training as required
  • Cleaning and restocking equipment and materials
  • Making sure the library has an orderly, organized appearance at all times

New Hampshire Librarian Education

New Hampshire librarians should plan to earn a Master of Library Science (MLS) or Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree. This must be earned at an institution with accreditation by the American Library Association (ALA). There are no such programs housed within the borders of New Hampshire. There are, however, a number of online and distance-learning options available to those who wish to become librarians in New Hampshire. The ALA lists 17 such programs nationwide on their searchable database of ALA-accredited programs. 

What Certification is Necessary for New Hampshire Librarians?

No certification is required for New Hampshire public librarians. New Hampshire school librarians must have a teacher’s license and have completed a minimum of two courses in library science, or have experience working as a librarian.

Librarians Jobs in New Hampshire

Job openings within New Hampshire libraries are advertised at the New Hampshire State Library’s Jobline site, and the ALA’s JobList. Other online classified sites that feature jobs list available librarian positions in New Hampshire as well.  

Librarian Salary in New Hampshire

New Hampshire librarians and media collections specialists make an hourly mean wage of $30.42 and an annual mean wage of $63,270 as of May 2021, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Some librarians working in the state earn higher, or lower, than these average wages. For example, librarians working in the Manchester area earn $32.31 hourly and $67,200 annually. Those in the Portsmouth NH/ME area earn $30.91 hourly and $64,200 annually. Librarians working in the West Central-Southwest nonmetropolitan area of New Hampshire make the state averages of $30.42 hourly and $63,270 annually. Librarians working in the Dover/Durham NH/ME area earn $30.31 per hour and $63,040 per year. Librarians employed in the central nonmetropolitan area of the state average $28.84 hourly and $59,990 yearly. Those working in the northern nonmetropolitan area earn $25.37 per hour and $52,760 per year. 

Job Prospects for New Hampshire Librarians 

Jobs that are available for New Hampshire librarians are advertised at the above-mentioned websites. Some examples of open jobs in February 2023 are:

  • Archivist, Reference & Outreach Coordinator- City of Concord Public Library, Concord
    • Salary: $75,608-$101,670 annually 
    • Candidates must have an MLS or MLIS degree accredited by ALA
    • Candidates must have four years of progressively responsible related experience or training in archival studies, or a combination of the two
  • Research & Instruction Librarian – St. Paul’s School, Concord
    • Salary: $37,509-$81,569 annually 
    • Candidates must have an MLS or MLIS degree accredited by ALA
    • Candidates must have two years of library experience, preferably in an academic or school library
    • Candidates must have two years of reference, engagement or instruction experience
  • Cataloger/Technical Services Librarian – Rivier University, Nashua
    • Salary: $49,000 – $62,100 annually 
    • Candidates must have an MLS or MLIS degree accredited by ALA
    • Candidates must have at least two years of library experience, particularly in cataloging
  • Librarian II, Library Systems Administrator- City of Keene Public Library, Keene
    • Salary: $30.60 to $38.13 hourly
    • Candidates must have an MLS or MLIS degree accredited by ALA
    • Possession of a bachelor’s degree in information systems, computer science or related field is desired
    • Candidates must have knowledge of library software and circulation services, and strong technical skills
  • University Archivist – University System of New Hampshire, Durham
    • Salary: not specified, tenure track
    • Candidates must have an MLS or MLIS degree accredited by ALA
    • Candidates must have one to three years of experience working with physical and digital materials in an archives/records management setting
    • Candidates must have completed formal training in archival management and theory
    • Prefer candidates with a second advanced degree (required for granting tenure)
    • Prefer candidates with teaching experience using primary sources at the college level